the brand rangas


The term rangas is a linguistical and spiritual deduction of the old indian love guide „Ananga Ranga“ written around 1172 AD. Parts of Ananga Ranga have their origin in Kama Sutra, which is a Indian text too.

So Ananga Ranga classifies women and men by their temperaments, origin, form of sex and other characteristics. It’s a guide for finding a healthy, deep and lusty love and finally it gives advice in the meaning of Astrology in connection with marriage.

Some see in rangas also affinity to the portuguese term “Tupi Tanga” what means loincloth, and is mainly known just as Tangas, which are quite popular panties.

Acutally rangas has a cosmopolitan attitude and wants you to love one person most. And that’s yourself. Take care about you!


Feel fresh everyday, feel the love to your self. This love will affect your charisma and this affects your environment too. They will recognize your charisma and will honor it. You are great in rangas.

Take care of you, wear rangas!

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rangas in your language

rangas – international
shorts – international
boxershorts – international
بَنْطَلون تَحْتاني رِجّالي – arabic
gaće,gaćice – bosnian, croatian, serbian
衬裤 – Chinese (Simplified)
襯褲 – Chinese (Traditional)
spodky – czech
underbukser – danish
onderbroek – dutch
pants, panties – english
briefs, slip, underpants – english
underwear – english
aluspüksid – estonian
alushousut – finnish
caleçon – french
Unterhose, Schlüpfer – german
σώβρακο, κιλότες – greek
לצערנו, לא נמצאו תוצאות בעברית עבור – hebrew
alsónadrág – hungarian
nærbuxur – islandic
mutande – italian
パンツ – japanese
apakšbikses – latvian
apatinės kelnės – lithuanian
kousen – netherlandic
underbukse, truse – norwegian
kalesony – polish
cuecas – Portuguese (Portugal)
(мужские) трусы – russian
spodky – slovak
spodnje hlače – slovenian
bragas, calzoncillos – spanish
kalsonger, underbyxor – swedish
külot, don – turkish